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“Our mission is to be recognized by our patients, team, and community as an outstanding dental provider. We provide conscientious care, set trends, and are at the forefront of dental education and technology. We are dedicated to treating all our patients like members of our family. We are a devoted and committed dental clinic in Verdun, Montreal, QC!”

Your Local Dental Clinic in Verdun, Montreal, QC, Providing Care for Children and Adults!


Your dental experience should
be enjoyable.
We want you to have fun!

Like home

You are more than a patient to us; you are our family. We want a long relationship with our patients and would not recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t want for ourselves or our families.


Our reputation is built on telling patients the truth! All too often a dentist might tell a patient what they assume they want to hear which may not benefit the patient in the long term. By being honest with patients, we allow them the freedom to choose what they feel will help them the most.


Our office has an international reputation for major comprehensive dentistry. We understand what the many causes of dental problems are. Our philosophy is to eliminate those problems. This is the foundation of how we treat our patients. A comprehensive approach to dentistry always has a definitive goal. By anticipating what may happen with time, we can create a roadmap to solve problems and satisfy the patients’ treatment goals comprehensively.


A dental provider knows the latest technologies to help guide the patient toward the most appropriate solution for their needs. We use our experience in comprehensive restorative dentistry with a goal of helping your family and yourself make the right treatment decisions for your dental care.


We believe in a team approach using each practitioner’s unique skills to provide you with our best. We are always committed to providing the finest care and the best experience for all our patients.

What Is Different about Our Family and Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Verdun, Montreal, QC?

Running a successful family dental clinic requires having a vision and always taking a patient-centric approach. Dental care should focus on prevention and long-term dental health. Not all patients have the same needs. Our pediatric dental clinics in Verdun, Montreal, QC, are dedicated to the oral health of your children from infancy through their teen years. Our pediatric dentists in Nuns’ Island, Verdun provide care that includes infant oral health exams, preventative dental care and habit counseling. We believe that achieving optimal and lasting results requires individualizing treatment plans for each of our patients based on their particular situation.