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Providing General and Cosmetic Dentistry Since 1979

Dental Care Services in Nuns’ Island, Verdun

Over 30 years of experience in comprehensive dentistry and an international reputation in dental education make us one of the most recognized offices in the world. Our experience and technology in delivering
comprehensive dentistry, has brought the standard of even our most basic services, to the highest level. The majority of our patients are just like yourself and your family. We welcome you to come and
learn why.

Whether your dental needs are, a complete exam and cleaning, a full-mouth rehabilitation, or anything in between, we promise to provide you with the exceptional care you deserve.


If you have an after-hour emergency or a pain situation, please call Dr Daniel Cohen or Dr Elliott Mechanic 514-769-3939. Same day emergencies, root canal, extractions, infection controls (abces, etc.)
Dental hygiene, education, fluoride application, preventive sealants and bruxism (night guards).
Fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and implants, Full-Mouth Rehabilitation.
On-site Orthodontics
We offer the latest orthodontics treatments: Invisalign (invisible), Traditional (white and silver brackets/braces).
Myofunctional appliance therapy
Examinations, study models, full-mouth scanning, photos, X-Rays, Treatment Planning and Education
Extractions, wisdom teeth, implant surgeries, gum surgery.
Complete (full dentures) and partial dentures
Teeth Whitening
In-Office bleaching, Customized bleaching trays, bleaching products.
Cosmetic Dental Treatment
Bonding and veneers, teeth whitening.
Gum Therapy.


Our office carries a range of professional products to assist all your dental needs.

By using all the best quality dental products available, you will help ensure the best possible outcome for your smile for years to come.
At Centre Dentaire Île des Soeurs, we carry all the latest electric toothbrushes, rinses, toothpastes, bleaching products, and more.
We will be glad to assist you and selecting what is best for your individual needs. Please contact our office for more information on the (514) 769-3939.